5. How is body composition analysis used in the Salvéo Program?

Salvéo doesn’t limit the evaluation of weight gain to just height and weight, or BMI. Our office utilizes the most advanced body composition analyzer made by Seca.

Seca’s body composition analysis allows you to experience new insight regarding your body and can offer you motivation to stay on track with weight loss. It starts with understanding the needs of your body and the proper balance between fat-free mass and fat. Understanding this is essential for optimal health and fitness. That is why it is better to measure your body composition rather than only weight, because a scale can’t tell the difference between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat. Seca now offers state-of-the-art body composition testing with the Seca mBCA 514 (medical Body Composition Analyzer), designed and validated for medical use.

There are many benefits of having the test done. It is a brief examination that is non-invasive and is finished in less than 20 seconds. The test not only provides an assessment of your general health and nutritional status, but gives you precise measurements of your fat-free and muscle mass, % body fat, skeletal muscle and much more. Plus, it identifies early indicators of various diseases.

Regular body composition testing is pivotal in maintaining motivation while losing weight and building muscle mass. By understanding your unique body design, medical history and personal needs, Salvéo Weight Management can offer you the most personally tailored weight loss program to help you achieve your goals.