2. What is a realistic expectation for my weight loss?

At Salvéo Weight Management, 97% of patients lost weight by their first follow up.
We know from research (and practical experience), that long term weight loss and maintenance are more important than the first-month loss. Under the medical care of Dr. Mackey, over 80% of patients that make at least three visits to the office lose enough weight to reduce their risk of diabetes by 50%! Please remember that statistics will not predict YOUR weight loss success, however, these numbers give you some idea about our program’s history.

Excess body weight is a very complex medical disease, one that the medical community is trying to understand better. Quite often, undiagnosed medical diseases are associated with weight gain. These conditions may prevent weight loss or can be harmful to your health if left untreated. A Bariatric medical specialist can test for these metabolic conditions and treat them.

Weight Loss Result Salveo Weight Management
Weight Loss Result