Our Program

Healthy Weight Loss


Much of the evidence-based medical research related to healthy weight loss is not actively taught in medical schools. Doctors Amy Articolo and Suzanne Mackey have spent several years pursuing advanced training in weight loss medicine and advancing the field of obesity medicine through clinical research and ongoing patient treatment.

In June 2013, the American Medical Association recognized obesity as a disease. In fact, 35% of all Americans are obese (Center for Disease Control). Not only do millions of Americans struggle with obesity, but millions more struggle daily with being over anxious about their weight and overwhelmed with the stress of making healthier lifestyle changes.

The goal of the Salvéo Weight Management Program is to bring the tested and accepted medical science of weight loss to you. By creating a medical program that is focused on each individual patient, the physicians at Salvéo avoid the “one size fits all’ weight loss program mentality that has been an obstacle for many people.

It is our mission to help our clients improve their health with safe medical treatment.


Other weight loss solutions display a “one size fits all’ models consisting of stringent, depriving diets and rigorous exercise programs that may result in injuries. These methods may work for some, but points allowed per day and per push up shouldn’t define you as a person or quantify your weight loss success or failures. More importantly, these weight loss programs ignore your body’s natural biochemistry. At Salvéo Weight Management, we use a unique blend of body composition analysis testing, laboratory interpretation, and researched obesity algorithms to understand the science of each patient’s body. We emphasize and understand healthy and sustainable weight loss!

Our doctors are fully certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and uphold the highest standards of excellence in their field. Stop letting your weight overwhelm your life. Let us help you live a more healthy lifestyle.


Weight loss isn’t just about calories that you eat and calories that you burn. There are countless internal and external physical and emotional influences that affect the activity and diet of every individual.

At Salvéo Weight Management, we teach our patients how their choices may affect their health and their weight. As part of our approach, we work with patients to create the program that not only addresses their diet but helps them to understand and address some of the other factors that can influence their well-being.

Understanding the unique needs of each and every one of our patients is what sets the Salvéo Weight Management Program apart from any diet or weight loss program that you have ever tried.


It is not realistic to assume that anyone can completely change their routine or lifestyle like flipping a switch. Exercise and healthy activity are an important part of a healthy and effective weight loss program. At Salvéo Weight Management, we make sure that each patient’s program is crafted with realistic and achievable objectives.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a long-term goal. At Salvéo, we are not in the business of the quick fix. We want to make sure that when we develop activity plans for our patients they are able to stick with them and integrate them as part of their daily routine, not just for a few weeks or months, but on a long-term basis. That means having a vision for implementing an activity program with patients that they can envision as part of their life on an ongoing basis.