Carmen Eberly


Carmen Eberly, APN, FNP-BC, MSN

Carmen Eberly is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner who is qualified to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication for children, adolescents, and adults. Prior to becoming an advanced practice nurse, Carmen worked at Virtua Hospital for 20 years in Maternal Child Health and garnered the respect of many patients in the community. She is currently working on obtaining her Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine which will be completed in 2021.  

Carmen began her nursing career upon graduating from high school and always had the desire to help others by using a holistic and compassionate approach. Education has always been a focus for Carmen, and this motivated her to obtain her bachelor’s degree from Drexel University and master’s degree from Walden University, while working nightshift. During her nursing career, Carmen often found many of her patients struggled with obesity and the conditions caused by this chronic medical illness. Having worked with Dr. Mackey at the hospital, Carmen knew she would be the perfect mentor for her and together they can help members of our community battle obesity.

Carmen is married to her high school sweetheart and they have three children. Her family enjoys summer vacations on the lake and winter vacations near the mountains. Family hobbies include fishing, swimming, hiking, skiing, and playing golf. Her son with special needs has been an instrumental influence in maintaining a strong family structure and balance. Carmen has learned how to be an advocate for her son, and she has been a positive influence for her family so they can be advocates as well.